Monday, February 16, 2009

Snippets of Time

Do you remember a time when your days just consisted of getting ready for work, going to work, and coming home from work? Time passes by differently once you have kids. Time, for me, passes incrementally.

I have a 6.5 years old boy, Lightning, and a 4.5 year old girl, Ginger Snap. They are different ages and different genders. In the last four years one or both have been in attendance at different schools. I have a girlie girl who takes dance and I have a rough and tumble boy who plays soccer. They both take swimming lessons. My son is in first grade and attends school full time. My daughter is in Pre-K and attends school part-time. I work part-time during the week and on the weekend (during wedding season). After the kids go to bed, I either write, blog, or Facebook my nights away(in between bills, laundry, cleaning, and dishes).

My life is comprised of snippets of time.

My day typically runs from 7am-2am. When I wake up in the morning, I have one hour to: get the kids up, pick out their clothes, get them dressed, feed them, feed the pets (3 cats and 1 dog- they are more insistent than the kids), make lunch for one or both kids (depending on the day of the week), and dress myself...yeah, um, right (refer back to my entry "Skank for a Day" in regard to personal primping). That's the first hour of my day during the week and the hours continue like this from Monday to Friday.

On Tuesday, I do the above and then rush home with 20 minutes to spare to make myself presentable (always a difficult task) for work and get my daughter to her school. I work for two hours at a local museum before I run to my car and rush to the carpool line to pick up my daughter. We have one hour after I pick her up to 1) eat lunch; 2) help her change for dance class; 3) gather snacks (where are those chocolate pretzels(?); 4) and get to dance class across town. Dance class lasts one hour - ending at 2:45pm. Then we run to the minivan and drive back across town to arrive at Lightning's school as he is exiting the school with the rest of the students. I set aside 3:30-4:30pm for (more) snack time, going through school papers, and homework. Then I clean up and make dinner. My husband gets home. We eat dinner and have dessert. The kids take baths, they brush their teeth, we read a story, and they go to bed at 8pm. Then my night begins.

All of my time is compartmentalized into fractured hours. I don't know what I'd do if someone came to me and said, 'I give you 4 hours to yourself.' Sadly, I would probably break the hours up into portioned segments, like a mom feeding a baby "big boy" food.

How do you spend your days? Can you relate?

A (soon-to-be) famous quote from Lightning...While watching Entertainment Tonight, my son pointed to a clip about Michael Jackson. He looked at me and said, "Mom, that is one ugly lady."

book review: "Diary of an Exercise Addict" by Peach Friedman. The life struggles and frustrations of a girl who exercises many hours a day sometimes more than once a day) and then binges to the point of vomiting. There also is a phase of anorexia. I found the story sad, insightful, hopeful, and a really good read. It's well written and it puts an interesting spin on how society views women, diets, and being thin.