Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Noise Hiatus

I have a fantasy. No, no don't get the wrong idea. This fantasy has nothing to do with frothy, little black undies and a corset, although that's not a bad idea. It has everything to do with solitude and quiet... rich, velvety, thick silence. The simple requirement for this fantasy includes a one-night stay in a hotel (or two nights, or three...). Once in the room, the goal is not to get off of the bed - order room service, write, organize two year's worth of photos, watch a movie, check out websites, etc. Food is also part of the fantasy - room service that will include some kind of seafood, wine, salad, and a really rich, fatty dessert.

Our household consists of only two children; however, we also have 3 cats and a dog. The noise is continuous in our home. The kids start fighting at which point our Australian Shepherd jumps in on the act and starts barking (loudly). Of course the cats don't like this so usually at least one cat takes off running at which point our dog will begin pursuit. I am usually somewhere in the middle yelling (at what, I don't know). The kids calm down or go into timeout and peace is resolved until the next fight breaks out. We have moments of peace in the house, but they are all too short lived.

One might think that things are quieter after dark, and they are; however, this is when the night noises begin. My daughter tends to wake up at least once almost every night - bad dreams, bathroom visits, thirsty, hot... and when my son is sick, he often coughs for several hours throughout the night. Additionally, the cats will brawl downstairs after the lights are out.

I am home practically 100% of the time with the kids and I need a "noise hiatus". I just want to hear my thoughts (I think). Can anyone relate?