Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

Yep, I've been thinking about my New Year's resolutions. I am pretty good about sticking to them as well. Of course, I usually only have about one or two to work with. This year I am going to struggle with many more. So, without much ado, here we go:

1). Finish things in a timely manner - like, say for instance, publishing my New Year's resolutions. I swear my intentions are good, I just sometimes have a hard time with the execution. I will work on that this year.

2). Don't Be So Open- you know when you're courting a potential new friend, mentioning the umbilical hernia surgery which resulted in the loss of your belly button might be a bit too much. Mentioning that your stomach looks like the dude in the tv show, Kyle XY, is ALSO not a good idea. Note to self: This is NOT good starter conversation. Some people are SCARED by this kind of talk.

3). Drink More Liquids- Meaning BOTH water and alcohol (don't tell my kids). I had about six alcoholic beverages in all of 2008. I had a bit more water in 2008, but I am DEFINITELY not drinking enough liquids. I like to believe that for every headache I get (and I get my share), my brain is a dried up desert begging for rain. Does that make sense?

There IS one liquid I can't get enough of - COFFEE - with lots of milk and sugar (and sometimes whipped cream). I love it! The absolute BEST is Barnie's German Chocolate Cake Coffee Cooler OR Einstein Bagel's Vanilla Hazelnut. It's my little treat alongside my other demon: cinnamon and sugar bagels with strawberry cream cheese from Einstein Bagels.

4). Exercise More- So that I can eat more of the (above mentioned) bagels. Exercise is good for your body blah, blah, blah. The running begins when the temps. are 40 degrees or higher.

5). Get Up Earlier- But not after going to bed at 2:30am (refer to #6). I dream of watching the sun rise, being the first person at the gym, hearing the rooster crow, watching as the newspaper is delivered, hearing the first bird sing for the day, seeing the first dog walker- you get the idea.

6). Go To Bed Earlier- like earlier than 2:30am. What is wrong with me? I only saw the sun rise a handful of times in 2008. I relish those memories...

7). Write more - Well, this is going to start right away as I have become a new member of Facebook, I am working on a children's manuscript, and, of course, I have this blog. I'm thinking about joining Blogorama. Resolution #5 looks like it's going to be lost this year.

8). Eat more/more often - Word to the wise, it is best to eat a first meal before 2:00pm. You see, if you start your first meal at 2:00pm, then you find that you eat lunch at 7:00pm, and then, right before bed (around 2:00am) you eat dinner. This, of course, abuses resolution #1, #5, and #6. This also directly affects resolution #4 resulting in much more work for me. Note to self: this resolution needs to be a top priority.

9). Read more - this is happening. I read three books in January 2009. I LOVE to read, just don't have much time to do it. I always carry a book with me. You never know when you will have the chance to read in the car, the mall, at a drive through, while waiting to pick up a child at school...

Book Review: Happiness Sold Separately, by Lolly Winston. A story about a relationship gone awry due to the wife's inability to have children and the husband's inability to remain faithful. Realistic look at life and love. It's well written and ends on a hopeful note.

Any new resolutions for anyone?