Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Odd Nicknames

So I am attempting to find an interesting, catchy name to use for my blog. I was thinking about this tonight while I was weeding in the dark (yes, I was the oddball outside in the front yard with the hedge trimmer at 8:15pm attempting to shape the butterfly bush - wonder how it looks in the daylight...hmmm). As you get to know me you will realize that there are certain characteristics, if you will, about me. One noticeable characteristic is that I am always moving, working, cleaning, tending to kids, folding laundry, writing bills, working on manuscripts, washing dishes, exercising. I am always in motion, so the fact that I was outside doing yard work well after dark should really come as no surprise to those of you who know me... I'm quirky.

Okay, back to the name dilemma. Back in high school there was a short time when I acquired the lovely nickname "Hooker". Let me explain. I am left handed and could play stick ball pretty well. I was notorious for hitting balls down the first base line and into right field, "hooking the ball" as it was put. Fortunately, this nickname was short lived. Let's see there was "Casper" and "Pasty White Chick" from my sorority sisters - no harm intended because it was true. I was the WHITEST girl attending University of Florida. This was pointed out to me very clearly when a car full of hot guys drove by me one hot, balmy day. I didn't have time to primp before one of them leaned out of the car, pointed at me and yelled, "GET A TAN!" I knew then, that I would take pride in my "pasty-whiteness". I found out right before college graduation that the guys who lived at the other end of my dorm had tagged me the "Butt Lady" due to a healthy posterior (I take pride in that nickname).

This brings me to the nickname that I have chosen... Bunny. Somewhere around every 6 years (haven't done the math), my birthday falls on Easter weekend. This year, in fact, I have an Easter birthday. In my Senior year of high school I picked up the nickname and it stuck for the latter part of school. I like the connotation... bunnies are kind, gentle, and make you think of spring and life starting anew. Since the creation of this blog is a new venture for me, I feel this nickname is appropriate. Any interesting nicknames out there?